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This group is for all Christian parents. A group where we can discuss new Christian content such as music, upcoming movies, social media, etc. But m...



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Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could create animations for your Sunday school class?


Create your own Animations


We’ve got you covered!!

Eon de Bruin, owner of XrossBeat Media and founder of TweenOvate created an animation music video for Victory5 - WITH NO ANIMATION EXPERIENCE!!!  The animation did so well, that the creators of the animation software asked Eon to help test their future updates on their software.  Not bad for someone who never animated in his life.

Here is the animation music video.  This is Eon’s first attempt at animation.  And you can also do it!!

Currently, Eon is busy with an animation series called Superheld 101, that will be released here TweenOvate.  What started out as “having fun” enede up being a great ministry tool.

So what do I need to be able to create similar animations?

Since Eon created this animation with NO ANIMATION EXPERIENCE, he would like to share with you the tools and knowledge on how he did it, so that you can start creating your own unique animations to minister to kids more effectively.


The animation software we would recommend is CrazyTalk Animator from Reallusion, and there is a few reasons for it:

  1. If you can’t draw, they have a content and marketplace store where there are hundreds of characters, props, motions and scenes to choose from that you can purchase for your animations.  See!  No drawing skills required!
  2. CrazyTalk Animator works with motions when you want to animate your character.  So if you want your character to walk, you drag the walking motion over your character, and there it walks.  No animation skills required.  CrazyTalk Animator took care of it for you!
  3. Automatic lip syncing.  You drag your voice recording over your character and CrazyTalk Animator does the lip syncing to match your audio.  TIME SAVED!!

Whether you are a beginner, or you are an experienced animator,  CrazyTalk Animator is the best software to make AWESOME animations!

Puchase CrazyTalk Animator


Now, even thou CrazyTalk Animator is a very easy software to use, you will still need some training on how to maximise your animations.  And here we recommend 2D Animation 101.

They have numerous courses to choose from, and the one that is a must is the CrazyTalk Animator course, where they teach you in depth how to use CrazyTalk Animator.  It is because of the courses Eon took at 2D Animation 101 that made his animation music video stand out.  Their courses will help you make your very first animation look proffesional.  And Eon can testify to that!

Here are some courses we would recommend:

Courses if you are starting off.

Learn how to use CrazyTalk Animator and start creating your own animations.

Learn to create your first animated short in this Video Training for Beginners. Join more than 47,000+ happy students who are getting results.

Learn some tips on how you can become better at drawing.

If you want to create beautiful backgrounds for your animation, but don’t know how to draw, then this tutorial is for you.

Enroll at 2D Animation 101

There are numerous courses you can take, and we recommend these 4 if you are starting out, but the first two are a must to get you going.

There are also other courses we can recommend if you want to take your animations to the next level and really make them look proffesional.  In this case, we will recommend these courses:

If you want to take animation more seriously and produce proffesional animations, then these courses will help you do that.  But again, if you only want to create animations for Sunday school, the first 2 courses is a must.


Tweenovate wants to help you even further, and we created Bible characters called Bible Buddies that is ready for use in CrazyTalk Animator 3.  Imagine if you can find all your favorite Bible characters ready to be animated at one place!  

The possibilities for storytelling at your Sunday school is endless!

Click on image below to view all the current Bible Buddies characters.

Create Animated Series for YouTubers in CrazyTalk Animator 3.1

Create an Animated Short in 8 Steps