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We live in difficult times and it is not easy to raise kids today. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be impossible.

We at TweenOvate provide parents with great resources to make parenting a whole lot easier. We also provide a community of like-minded Christian parents that can share advice and ideas with each other. It is crucial for parents to know there is a support base for them to help tguide them through parenting.

We want to start off by providing you a FREE resource:

“5 Tips To Get Your Kids Ro Read The Bible”

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Join other like-minded Christian parents in our great supportive community.

Chat, share, help, support and ask.



Why join a parenting Facebook group where it is open for trolls and spammers? We have our very own groups inside our membners area that are safe.


Bible Study

We study through the book of Proverbs every week.

You can also go through this Bible study on your own time. No pressure!



Every month we add a new parenting resource for you to help you on your parenting journey. These resources are practical and easy to implement.


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